Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Philosophers

The Scottish philosophical tradition is notable for the very large number of individual Scottish philosophers connected with it who, over several centuries, have entered the ranks of philosophical writers of international reputation and enduring interest. Some of these -- such as David Hume and Adam Smith --are amongst the greatest names in intellectual history – others less well known are nonetheless major influences in the development of philosophical ideas – Francis Hutcheson, Adam Ferguson and Thomas Reid, for example – and still others, though largely forgotten now -- are notable for the immense prestige that the enjoyed during their lifetimes – for instance Dugald Stewart, Sir William Hamilton, J F Ferrier, Edward Caird or John Macmurray. But almost all of them, both major and minor, have interesting biographies, which is what gives them a place in the biographical dictionary of Scottish philosophers.

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Scottish Philosophy Abroad

  • Frances Wayland (1796-1865)
  • Lyman H. Atwater (1811-1883)
  • Francis Bowen (1811-1890)
  • Noah Porter (1811-1894)
  • James McCosh (1811–1894)