The Journal of Scottish Philosophy

The Journal of Scottish Philosophy (JSP) was established in 2003. It is a commercially published, peer reviewed academic journal with two issues each year. The aim of the JSP is to promote interest and stimulate innovative work relating to every period of the Scottish tradition of philosophy -- from the late scholastics of the 15th century to the Scottish Idealists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as well its crowning achievements in the18th century Enlightenment. It provides a vehicle for philosophers and historians of ideas to publish their research on all the major intellectual figures associated with the Scottish philosophical tradition, with a special interest in Thomas Reid.

The Journal of Scottish Philosophy has established itself as a place where both established figures and newcomers to the area (including graduate students) can find an interested readership for their work. The list of contributors to the first seven volumes includes highly reputable scholars such as Lorne Falkenstein, John Haldane, Keith Lehrer, Shannon Stimson, James van Cleve, Paul Wood and Nicholas Wolterstorff, as well as a younger generation of scholars making striking contributions to the field -- Terence Cuneo, Aaron Garrett, Giovanni Grandi, Jennifer Keefe, Neil MacArthur, Ryan Nichols, Eric Schliesser, Craig Smith and Gideon Yaffe, for instance.

The JSP publishes on a wide diversity of topics relevant to its general remit. Alongside important studies of Hutcheson, Hume, Smith and Reid, there have been essays on less prominent figures such as George Campbell, Adam Ferguson, Dugald Stewart, J F Ferrier, Edward Caird and Andrew Seth. Alongside the standard topics of skepticism, common sense, perception, the ‘impartial spectator’ and the association of ideas, there have been articles on the status of animals in the 18th Enlightenment, the ‘Scotch metaphysics’ in 19th century India, English common law, sacred symbols, and invisible hand arguments.

In addition to the publication of substantial articles, the JSP commissions both critical notices and standard length reviews of important new monographs and new editions of the works of major Scottish philosophers, and publishers are invited to send review copies for this purpose.

The JSP has proved truly international in scope. Its referees are drawn from experts across the world, and papers have been published by philosophers and scholars from  Belgium, Britain, Canada, France, Israel, Italy, Japan, Scandinavia, South America, and the United States.

Submissions on the history, interpretation or contemporary relevance of any aspect, author or period of the Scottish philosophical tradition are welcome. The first issue of each year is usually guest edited and on an advertised theme.

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