Scottish Philosophy Societies

This page lists philosophy societies and similar organizations with an interest in promoting any aspect of the Scottish philosophical tradition, and provides links to their websites.

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Known Societies and Organizations

The Center for the Study of Scottish Philosophy

The Center for the Study of Scottish Philosophy is one of three research centers based in the Special Collections of Princeton Theological Seminary. Its purpose is to extend interest in Scottish philosophy beyond the traditional period of the Scottish Enlightenment and explore the impact of the Scottish philosophical tradition on the development of liberal arts colleges and theological education in North America.

The Centre for Scottish Thought

The Centre for Scottish Thought is part of the Research Institute in Irish Scottish Studies (RIISS) at the University of Aberdeen.

The Eighteenth Century Scottish Studies Society (ECSSS)

The Eighteenth Century Scottish Studies Society (ECSSS) is an interdisciplinary and international society examining all aspects of 18th-century Scottish culture and society.

The Hume Society

The Hume Society is an international organization whose purpose is to stimulate scholarship on all aspects of Hume's thought and writings. It is open to everyone interested in Hume and his philosophical contemporaries.

The International Adam Smith Society

The International Adam Smith Society was founded in 1995 with two aims:

  1. To encourage interdisciplinary scholarly interest in Adam Smith's writings, as well as in topics and issues connected with his writings
  2. To provide a forum for the sharing of research and scholarship relating to Adam Smith

The Royal Society of Edinburgh

The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) was created in 1783 by Royal Charter for “the advancement of learning and useful knowledge”. It is an independent and non-party-political educational charity registered in Scotland. The RSE has a peer-elected, multidisciplinary Fellowship of 1400 men and women who are experts within their fields.

The Saltire Society

The Saltire Society was founded in 1936 to encourage everything that might improve the quality of life in Scotland and restore the country to its proper place as a creative force in European civilisation. The Society produces a wide selection of Scottish publications among which is The Scottish Enlightenment edited by David Daiches and Peter Jones.

The Scots Philosophical Association

The Scots Philosophical Association founded in 1901, is the professional association of philosophers in Scotland. Its primary purpose is to promote the study and teaching of philosophy in Scotland. The Club is joint owner (with the University of St Andrews) of The Philosophical Quarterly.